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Dynamic sites contain Pages that are produced progressively. These pages incorporate Web scripting code, for example, PHP or ASP. At the point when a unique page is gotten to, the code inside the page is parsed online worker and the subsequent HTML is shipped off the customer's Internet browser.

Most enormous sites are dynamic since they are simpler with respect to static sites. This is on the grounds that static pages each contain extraordinary substance, which means they should be physically opened, altered, and distributed at whatever point a change is made. Dynamic pages, then again, access data from a data set. Consequently, to modify the substance of a powerful page, the website admin may just have to refresh an information base record. This is particularly useful for huge locales that contain hundreds or thousands of pages. It likewise makes it feasible for different clients to refresh the substance of a site without altering the format of the pages.

Dynamic sites that entrance data from a data set are likewise called data set driven sites.

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